Hunslet Class 05

This Hunslet 0-6-0DM shunter was originally classified as DJ13 and later as a D2/8, 2/15A before finally becoming Class 05. Introduced between 1955 and 1961, the model depicts one of the early batch. D2554 was originally numbered 11140. The livery I have chosen is the original black but with the later large off white numbers with the small D prefix. D2554 later became the well known 05 001 before finally becoming departmental 97803.

The model is built from one of Judith Edge's excellent kits. It is built to 4mm scale, OO gauge. Judith Edge kits are very comprehensive and contain nearly all the parts one needs. The exceptions are motor, gears, wheels and buffers. I used the recommended Alan Gibson sprung buffers and Mashima 10x24 motor with Romford 40:1 gearing driving Romford wheels. The only additions I made to the kit were the straps retaining the air cylinders, replacing the marker lights with Craftsman cast white metal versions (they are a little larger and less fiddly), the air pipe above the tank on the other side, some Shawplan windscreen wipers and a driver! The supplied air pipes are not quite long enough for the front buffer beam, but this is easily rectified by using a longer piece of brass wire and re-using the copper spring. Some care has to be taken with fitting the front sprung buffers as they are difficult to fit behind the air tanks! The non-geared end of the motor shaft does have to be trimmed to fit the chassis under the bonnet. There isn't any room for a flywheel, which is a pity. The use of a smaller motor may enable this. Fitting ballast weight is tricky, not much room! I positioned some cut lead sheet pieces behind the radiator and some more under the chassis above the jackshaft to get the balance right. Having done this, I find the locomotive pulls a reasonable load and picks up power well. Power pick up is by the un-insulated wheels via the chassis on one side and by phosphor bronze strips wiping the inside of the insulated wheel tyres. Some care has to be taken to ensure the pick-ups do not accidentally short out on the horn guides!

The kit goes together very well and provision is made for EM or P4 gauges with compensation. The connecting rods are laminated three part affairs and suitable for compensated or non-compensated chassis. AJ couplings and Exactoscale three link couplings finished off the model.